Jungle of Chicago

Jungle of Chicago – 1st Day Impressions

What is the purpose of your stay?
A study-trip, Mister – if that is o.k.
And what is the main interest of this trip?
Immigration and Ethnicity –
Doesn’t that sound like a big hit?!
Hands-on experience in the neighborhood of Chinatown –
Chicago, the windy city – not to be here, that would be a pity.
The campus of absolute dreams –
The University of Chicago, this needs to be considered – by all means!
Want to see Obama’s property?
Sure, as a staff member of the secret service the access is free.
The Sears Tower offers a glass platform 442 meters above the ground.
A skyscraper, not only the brave ones should mount.
The Kidney Bean, neither talking about medicine nor Mexican food –
Go find out at Millenium Park, taking the Loop!
Also heading for Madison and Minneapolis –
A journey to explore and investigate, an adventure not to be missed.

Christiane Vogel


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